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Wyverly College

an Old Kingdom rating community

Old Kingdom / Abhorsen Rating Community
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Welcome to Wyverly College, a rating community where you answer a series of questions, and the members of this community will decide which Old Kingdom (Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen) character you are most like!


01. Please try to answer as honestly and truthfully as possible. It'll be easier for us to rate you if you seem closest to who you really are. Please give us more than just a simple "yes or no" answer, and try to elaborate when you can.

02. No trolling/flaming/etc. It will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the community without notification. Advertisements for trilogy-related communities are welcome.

03. You will be stamped with the image of the character we vote you as within a week of final voting. If there is a tie, the process may take longer.

04. Feel free to vote even if you're not stamped yet - it helps us get everyone faster.

05. For the subject or lj-cut text, please put "charter" somewhere, just to show you've read these rules.

06. If you are dissatisfied with your outcome, you may re-apply ONCE.


01. Vote for who YOU think they are, not who they WANT to be.

02. Don't vote something just because everyone else is voting for one character. If you feel they're a different character, vote for it!

03.Please vote for one character only. It's okay to state that you feel characteristics of more than one, but bold the one you think is MOST.

04. Once again, it's nice to elaborate on why you voted for that character.

APPLICATION (version 2.0) :

Want to become an affiliate? Drop us a line here!

Click here for the full list of stamped members.
If you're still unstamped and it's been a reasonable amount of time, please let us know here.

Want to take a peek at our stamps? Browse the catalogue! Once stamped, members can have their stamps personalized.

Current Admin:
septimal (mod)
krystalego (co-mod)

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